about me

I’m Shruti Chopra, and here’s a something about me and my motivation behind Footprints, No Boundaries..

I’m not someone who has been into exploring the world out there – in fact I love home – I even work from home (I’m a Tarot Reader and I also predict the outcome of cricket matches!).

I’ve gone through a lot of ill health (I do still battle on with such issues today) and that has naturally made me love the comfort of my home.

Such constraints have also meant that I’ve become quite hesitant to try new things – Footprints, No Boundaries is where I will document my new explorations through blog posts and videos – it’s my way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and just not worrying about the outcome.

It’ll be a good journey.

You can get in touch with me on Facebook here, or follow me on Twitter here or Instagram here or send me a message on LinkedIn here. My Google Plus ID is here.

Shruti Chopra - Footprints, No Boundaries
That’s me!