Body Positivity Can’t Stop at Acceptance

Body Positivity Can't Stop at Acceptance

In my recent IGTV video I speak about body positivity and how it shouldn’t end in us just accepting things. That in fact should be the beginning.

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Body Positivity

There’s a lot of talk about body positivity – accepting how you are – accepting others etc… it’s all good stuff. It’s all great because it means we’re not looking to pull ourselves or others down based on how fat – thin, fair – dark, tall – short we are.

Again this is all great – but what isn’t right is when there is a nonchalant attitude of “hey this is how i am – if I’m fat, so what, if I’m thin, so what..”… yep frankly, so what!

Now let me shift the discussion a bit – body positivity shouldn’t just be focussed on appearing confident with how we are – the focus should also be on taking care of yourself.

So let me explain. I don’t feel positive about my body by just saying – hey my skin is deteriorating, but i’ve accepted it and that’s where it ends – in fact, acceptance is the first thing – what about the next stage, where we respect what we have enough to then take care of it.

Medication and illness has made sure that my skin has blemishes, the tone is getting patchy, I’m getting rashes – I was confident to meet people at my worst a couple of years back (my whole face was covered with scars).

So I was confident but I felt I wasn’t really being positive towards myself by JUST accepting it. I make continuous, regular, loving efforts to take care and help my skin by eating right, applying natural things on my face – for me that’s positivity. Another person’s perception or reaction doesn’t bother me, what matters is whether i am respecting what I have.

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Now going back to what I said earlier – “yep, so what, this is how i am..” – again yep, I’ll say… yes so what – frankly we all have a different approach to things, but overall a nonchalant attitude only harms us – it has not bearing on another person – because we all have our own stuff to handle.

So once again, I believe that body positivity can’t stop at just accepting how you are and leaving it at that – it’s truly positive when you also do things that are respectful towards that very body – like eating right, exercising, getting a regular smear test done, or going for teeth clean…

But yeah… that’s really it – I’ve said my piece – what’s your take on it?

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