Short Talk: Comparisons – Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

Short Talk: Comparisons - Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

Do you compare yourself to someone else? Or does someone around you do that for you and it doesn’t feel too nice? Today’s #ShortTalk is about these comparisons.

Do check out this video on Comparisons and do leave a comment if you would like me to discuss this topic in further detail – your comments and feedback are highly valuable to me.

Have you seen my videos on Depression, Stress, Keeping Life Pending and Limiting Your Growth, Limiting Your Belief? – if not then please do.

Why I started Short Talk?

I come across a number of people who are struggling with similar issues – many of which resonate with me.

But I don’t want to sound like I am preaching or telling someone else how to live their life. What I do want to do is put forth my point in a limited amount of time so then, if the topic interests you and you wish for me to discuss it in greater depth, I would then happily do so.

Sometimes, you may find these short videos enough to help you get started in resolving what’s on your mind. Sometimes you may have your own take on what I have said. Sometimes you may realise how much in need you were of this information.

Whatever it may be – get in touch. Comment. Share. Like. Subscribe. Communicate with me as I would love to hear your perspective. Every point of view is valid as it stems from experience and since we can’t experience everything, we can share it – right?

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Thank you 🙂

Shruti Chopra

Shruti Chopra is a Tarot Reader who not only does readings for her clients, but also predicts the outcome of cricket matches. Troubled with an invisible illness, Shruti spends most of her time at home - but now, with Footprints No Boundaries, she has decided to change that. It's through this platform that she will share her new and interesting experiences.

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