How to Evaluate Your Life

How to evaluate your life

How to evaluate your life? It’s quite an important question and much needed to move forward, to grow. It’s also my second tool to developing resilience.

Do check out my latest video on this topic. If you are unable to view the video then you can always read extracts of what I have said.

The second tool to being resilient is the ability to evaluate.

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For developing this quality in me, I have to thank my school counsellor. Carmen McDonald.

I had a tough time growing up and it was easy for me to feel the weight of all the problems around me.

One thing I learnt from my school counsellor was the importance to look at each problem individually, put them in sections under different headings and then figure out the problem in each.

I would soon realise that the 10 problems that I was carrying on my shoulders, were in fact nothing to do with me, or I would realise that I can’t actually do anything about those problems. Or that I was probably left with maybe just 1 or 2 problems to handle and then I would develop a strategy to tackle those.

This technique allowed me to be more logical and realistic. This segregation of issues brought clarity.

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This led me to another practice which developed my ability to evaluate.

Most nights, before I drift off to sleep, I replay my day – I watch it, I observe and as an observer, I see where I went wrong, where I misunderstood and where I actually learnt and did good.

These mini evaluations have made it easier for my to deal with tougher situations and very importantly, it’s made me a nicer person. I’m also more appreciative of myself and the efforts I have made to develop into the person I am.

So a quick summary.

To reduce the burdens of your problems, segregate your issues under different categories – look at each issue individually. It’ll bring clarity to your thoughts which will eventually translate into clearer actions.

And secondly, observe your day – you’ll be so very surprised of how quickly you will learn of what does and does not work for you and for others.

These mini efforts go a long way.

So develop a calmer mind and the ability to evaluate and you should find yourself to be more resilient and positive.

Shruti Chopra

Shruti Chopra is a Tarot Reader who not only does readings for her clients, but also predicts the outcome of cricket matches. Troubled with an invisible illness, Shruti spends most of her time at home - but now, with Footprints No Boundaries, she has decided to change that. It's through this platform that she will share her new and interesting experiences.

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