YouTube to Host First-Ever Popup Space in Hyderabad

YouTube to Host First-Ever Popup Space in Hyderabad

In what will come as good news to all YouTube creators, the company has decided to help them by launching India’s first pop-up space. This will be held in Hyderabad in a bid to help the ever-increasing community of independent YouTube creators.

YouTube unveiled this pop-up YouTube Space on October 5 at the Ramoji Film City and it will go on till October 7. This edition of the pop-up space will help local YouTubers to dish out content that is much more engaging and visually appealing.

The YouTube Space model is based around “Learn,” “Connect” and “Create” and the pop-up format is on similar lines with the focus on development and growth of content creators across the country.

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According to Lance Podell, the Global head of YouTube Spaces said:

“India has a dynamic content creator ecosystem and we are excited to bring the benefits of YouTube Space to creators in emerging creative talent hubs like Hyderabad through a pop-up format which is the first-ever in the country.”

Interestingly, more than 50 Indian YouTubers have touched the one million subscribers mark and many other 1000s are at the 1,00,000 subscribers according to Podell.

Explaining the concept, Podell said over 700 YouTube creators have been invited to improve their digital and business skills. They will be trained on video production and building an online business, along with getting a chance to network with famous Indian YouTube creators.

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Being a YouTube creator myself – I have a couple of very nascent YouTube channels, here & here – it cannot be more exciting to be able to be a part of an event like this.

For one, as I had mentioned earlier, it is not the easiest task for me to get out of the house and that’s specially an issue for someone wanting to make videos, take pictures and network with like-minded and fellow YouTubers. This YouTube Pop-Up Space allows people like me just what’s needed!

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