Tea at the Sabyasachi Store Mumbai

Sabyasachi Store Mumbai

Yes! I had tea at the Sabyasachi Store Mumbai. And lest you’re thinking, nope there’s no café there, but it’s just their way of making you feel comfortable while you soak in the store and shop (or browse).

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So, let me clarify, I didn’t go there to shop; I was catching up with Nisha Kundnani, a dear friend and the founder of an enchanting bridal styling company, Bridélan. She had work there, and her being in love with all things Sabyasachi compelled me to visit and see the place.

Sabyasachi Store Mumbai

Nisha introduced me to this beautiful space in a colonial building in Kala Ghoda. Before entering, she told me “a Sabyasachi store is 40% shop, but 60% experience”.

But after entering, for me, it turned out to be 100% experience!

The clothes, the jewellery are all beautifully entwined with the interiors of this majestic palace-like place.

A palace that holds Iranian carpets not just on the floors but framed on the walls; twenty-two vintage, hand-painted chandeliers, plates, vintage paintings of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, as well as Goddess Saraswati and colonial furniture all added to the opulence.

Sabyasachi Store Mumbai

And what I believe always sets the mood is lighting.

Corridors and spaces of experience are dimly lit, while the “walk-in closets”, as Nisha puts it are bright with shimmering pieces of graceful timeless saris, lehngas and jewellery that showcase the beauty of traditional Indian artisans.

The Sabyasachi Store Mumbai makes you feel like royalty, for me, this place was magical.

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Sitting in the hallway, I was encapsulated and transported back into an era I thought I wouldn’t experience – sipping tea, soaking in Lata Mangeshkar’s “chalte chalte yunhi koi mil gaya tha”, imagining Meena Kumari in Pakeezah while catching up with Nisha was a strange juxtaposition of dream and reality.

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