Bali Travel – Travellers Cautious after Mount Agung Alert

Mount Agung volcano could erupt

More than 42,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Indonesia after the country was hit by an active volcano in Bali.

According to reports there are fears that this active volcano could erupt after the area around Mount Agung saw tremors and magma rising to the surface recently.

Now, public isn’t being allowed to get within 12 km of the mountain, with officials having imposed that restriction on those in that area.

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Travel advisory to avoid the location has been issued and FCO wrote:

“The National Disaster Management Authority raised the volcanic alert level for Mount Agung in north east Bali to level 4.”

For now, travellers have been asked to remain away from the volcano, outside the 12 km radius that the authorities have pointed out. It has also been noted that the eruption could cause disruptions in flights and travel arrangements should be confirmed with the airline or travel agents in advance.

Bali is still accessible to people coming in since the main tourist area isn’t in the direct vicinity of the volcano, but the news that the seismic energy is increasing with a potential to erupt might make tourists think twice.

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According to the chief geologist Gede Suantika, who has been monitoring the region, a 200 meter tall column of smoke has been spotted in the mountain on Sunday.

He added:

“We observed sulphuric smoke spewing from its crater and we never saw this before.”

This activity has affected the locals more than anyone else with many thousand people now living in shelters in town halls and schools instead of their homes.

Mount Agung is also called Gunung Agung and is located south east of Mt Batur volcano, also in Bali.

According to people in Bali, Mt Agung is a replica of Mt Meru, which is said to be a “sacred cosmological mountain with five peaks” in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cosmology. It is often said to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

The volcano had last in 1963–1964.

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