BookMyShow to Send Booking Updates on WhatsApp! will now provide booking confirmation on WhatsApp. is one of India’s leading ticket-booking companies and they are now coming up with a feature that should make life easier for a lot of users.

The company could become one of the first in India to try out WhatsApp’s business pilot programme. According to this programme, BookMyShow will use WhatsApp to send booking confirmation and details of the ticket to users using WhatsApp.

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Ravdeep Chawla, Head of Product, BookMyShow, said in a statement they are the first Indian online ticketing companies to try out this feature. Currently, companies like BookMyShow send out these confirmations using text messages and e-mails.

He said in a statement:

“WhatsApp has definitely become a preferred mode of communication for millions of people in our country and we could identify tremendous value in making it a default ticket confirmation channel.”

Interestingly, the roll-out for this feature has already begun and the entire set of users will be covered in the next few days.

BookmyShow users have the option to collect their tickets from the cinema hall or can use a mobile ticket that has a QR code on them which is then scanned at the counter. Users will now receive these tickets on WhatsApp along with an e-mail for the same.

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One of the other features that BookMyShow has added in the recent past is the “plan-it”, which works as an in-app messaging chat. It is useful for people to chat, much like WhatsApp, in real-time in order for them to discuss the booking of movie or other tickets.

Interestingly, this news follows another from a few days ago, which pointed to WhatsApp wanting to release an update to their application that will provide a verified badge to businesses.

Much like how it works with Twitter, where few of the important handles are allocated a blue-coloured tick which is a pointer to them being verified accounts, WhatsApp will roll out that feature by putting up a yellow bubble.

Users won’t be able to delete chat messages either which means a forced back-up for these chats will be created.

The purpose of this verification is for businesses to appear trustworthy.

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