Review: Breakspear Arms for Indian food, Uxbridge London

Breakspear Arms for Indian food

Breakspear Arms for Indian food is my absolute go-to whenever I’m in London. It’s a place that blends the English countryside so perfectly along with its old charmed English pub and much loved Indian food.

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What’s so special about Breakspear Arms?

Towards the outskirts of London, in Uxbridge this pretty place reveals itself after crossing a few farms. With ample amount of parking, an outside deck and even a place for barbeques, it seems like an ideal place for the summer months.

But, we all know that London is pretty cold and rainy most of the time, which is why I prefer the cozier indoor seating.

I find people enjoying a pint with their friends as they watch a game, kids running around on the grassy area and then there are people like myself who sit on a large table, surrounded by family enjoying a meal with authentic Indian flavours.

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Butter Chicken in London

I have to say this, I’ve been on a secret mission to find the yummiest place to have butter chicken in Mumbai (I haven’t yet, although my next attempt will be Goila Butter Chicken in Mumbai).

Trying out Breakspear Arm‘s butter chicken transported me back to Delhi – it’s just the type of butter chicken I crave in Mumbai. I can taste its heavenly blend of ingredients, the charcoaled chicken and the creaminess as I type this…. uuhh! Just perfect – if only I could Uber it there right now. Sigh.

So I won’t talk much further and I’ll now let you check out my video on the place with a promise from you that the next time you’re in that part of the world and you’re missing these flavours – Breakspear Arms for Indian food is where you MUST go.

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