My Review of The Pantry in Mumbai on a Humid Sunday

The Pantry

The Pantry turned out to be my saviour in what I thought it was going to be a coolish rainy day in Mumbai a couple of Sunday’s back when I decided to venture into South Mumbai and just explore. I was wrong. The clouds fooled me and I got stuck dealing with a hot and humid day. My mum who accompanied me wasn’t very pleased.

Did It live upto Expectations – The Pantry Review

We did a little walk around Fort and then settled ourselves at The Pantry. I love the way this place looks and as you may know from some of my recent visits to places like The Birdsong Cafe, you will know how looks have deceived me. So, I was cautious to marvel at the white interiors, friendly staff and the simplicity of it all.

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Hunger hadn’t really crept in, it was only 11.30am but fatigue had which is why we thought – well I thought that I would like to eat something and replenish myself before stepping out into the heat again.

What I Ordered at The Pantry

I ordered a Club Class (a vegetarian club sandwich) and The Pantry Cold Coffee – a regular cold coffee, I hadn’t had one in what felt like years! The sandwich was perfectly flavoured with its combination of anna potatoes, grilled zucchini, tomatoes and Pondicherry lofabu cheese. It also went so well with the cold coffee – not too sweet either, just how I like it. It was truly satisfying.

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The Pantry
Club Class

Gluten Free Options are Available too

While going through their menu, they had quite a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options and it was great that they were using organic flour. Cold press juices as well as eggless waffles were available too. They all seemed worth a try, which is why I would be happy to go back their a few times.

Plus I found their staff quite friendly and accommodating. Great atmosphere, good flavours, happy staff – what else do you need? Well, you need dough.

The Pantry

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