Kishore Kumar’s 88th Birthday Celebrated

Kishore Kumar's 88th Birthday

Kishore Kumar’s 88th Birthday Celebrated in Mumbai’s Yashwant Natya Mandir on the 4th of this month. Although not with us anymore, but to the late Kishore Kumar fans, he still remains alive through his films and music. Celebrating this legend’s life were Rangdhara, organisers of a concert showcasing his life’s work.

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This Friday, August 4th, I was fortunate enough to attend this celebration, a celebration that was taking place for the ninth year in a row. Why did I even want to go? One, I am a huge fan of Indian music and secondly, very importantly, I grew up listening to these classics. I felt the late Kishore Kumar’s singing had the ease to transport the listener through a variety of emotions. Movies such as Karz, Sharabi, Satte Pe Satta, or even the older classic songs such as Mere Mehboob or Jaane Jaan, all had a way of keeping one entangled and involved. That was the magic of Kishore Kumar, an untrained singer.

What also added to the evening’s specialty was the combination of Kishore Kumar’s voice with the music of SD Burman and RD Burman respectively. The carefully curated songs displayed the versatility of not just the singer himself, but those who composed music in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

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Singers of the modern era took to stage, Aalok Katdare, Saagar Kendurkar, Sandeep Shah, Soumya Varma, Shailaja Subramanium and Pradeep Patole, who is also the founder of Rangdhara along with his wife Seema Patole. The singers weaved their magic and got the packed crowds involved too.

I had the fortune to film this. So to experience what I did, check this video out in which I try and add a few snippets of what anecdotes were shared, what songs were sung and how it went backstage.

Kishore Kumar’s 88th Birthday Celebrated, have a look:

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