Bushwick Tea’s Ginger and Turmeric Health Benefits

Ginger and Turmeric health benefits

I am an Indian. Ginger and turmeric health benefits are immense, which is why it’s a part of our staple diet, but consuming it in tea?! Here’s how the story went.

Yesterday wasn’t the best day when it came to my health. But what has always soothed me in these 21 months is my home. Another important element that has helped is tea. Now let me be very honest here – I enjoy trying different types of green, white and herbal teas, but the thought of some flavours just put me off.

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But, I was unwell – I needed something to help me out. I decided to be brave. I tried Bushwick Tea’s Organic Ginger & Turmeric. Trust me, this was huge for me. Being an Indian – I believe we have enough ginger and turmeric in our food (and good reason that we do), but to have it in tea was not my cup of tea (pun truly not intended). But I wanted to feel better. There are ginger and turmeric health benefits – both have healing properties, plus they are great immune system boosters and boy did I need that.

A sceptical me, opened the black Bushwick Tea pouch, took out the generously sized tea bag, placed it in my favourite mug and poured hot water on top. The water instantly became an orangish-yellow. I could smell the ginger, turmeric and there was a hint of some sweetness too. But I was feeling too under the weather to try and figure out what it was (I later checked, there was some organic lemongrass and organic orange peel in it too). I seeped it for the instructed 5-8minutes. While that happened, I took a photo and I continued to read the Osho book on Creativity – a good read so far. Osho explains the difference between action and activity – truly worth reading if you’re feeling restless about your life.

Ginger and Turmeric

Okay now back to mine. I removed the tea bag and took a deep breath before my first sip. So the verdict – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I could taste the ginger, the strongly present turmeric, the lemongrass and the orange. It was perfectly soothing. With all the sneezing I had been doing, it stopped – miracle! It REALLY worked!!

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Now why did it work? Firstly, lemon and orange both have vitamin C in it which is great for colds and coughs (I didn’t have either, but I seemed to be having a crazy series of sneezes while my legs hurt like hell – I have no clue why – this Joint Hypermobility Syndrome isn’t very kind). Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, ginger is great for sore throats, headaches and very importantly for me, it’s an anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, its close relative, turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory and is great for any internal healing.

I will say this once again, I felt sooo much better after having this tea. Next bad health day, I won’t hesitate to have another cup of G&T.

Shruti Chopra

Shruti Chopra is a Tarot Reader who not only does readings for her clients, but also predicts the outcome of cricket matches. Troubled with an invisible illness, Shruti spends most of her time at home - but now, with Footprints No Boundaries, she has decided to change that. It's through this platform that she will share her new and interesting experiences.


  1. Good one.

    I used to dislike adrak in my chai. Like absolutely detested it. I also had major cold issues…which I overcame by, first accepting ginger tea as a medicine and then relishing it over time. Now I cannot have tea without ginger, making it a drastic 180 degree turnaround.

    1. Hi Suneer,
      Glad you could make that 180 degree turnaround.
      I’m still not sure I can make such a drastic change, but it’ll now be my go-to tea every time I do feel under the weather.
      Thanks for sharing.

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