London Euston to Birmingham New Street station

London Euston to Birmingham New Street station for the India-Pakistan Champions Trophy game

One would somewhere expect a London station to be looking good. Fresh. Organised. Pleasing to the eye.

Nope, London Euston wasn’t.

But all it took was a 90 minute train journey to Birmingham New Street station to see the influences of modern architecture. Firstly, it’s probably called a station to reassure people that trains do arrive here, but otherwise, this is more of a mall with a food court!

The quirky element
The quirky element

Designed by AZPML, it’s a clean, white and spacious mall and station with quirky external features with this giant eye of a tv screen. I’m no architecture/design expert (my brother is though), but what I can say, it was worth spending extra time at the station just looking around and also seeing how well the space was conceptualised and how different types of materials were used to create the look inside and out.

Most importantly, food. It was almost lunch time by the time we arrived at the station, but searching for something to eat wasn’t tough at all. There were just so many options that you could end up confusing yourself. Eventually my brother and I decided to eat at Pho. I have only praise for how light and well prepared the food was. Grilled chicken with rice is what I went for, it came with tossed salad. Yum..yummmm…ummm…yum..I slurrp as my taste buds decide to relive the taste as I type this!

I was tempted to try out some dessert too, but typical me, looking at the dessert menu fills me up. So sad.

If you are traveling to Birmingham from another part of the country, I would suggest taking the train rather than the bus. Although I haven’t seen the bus station, but the train station is worth the trip. Well, later, I realised there are a lot of interesting areas to check out in Birmingham, but more on that in a different post.

One other thing. It was good to see an old looking Odeon next to this modern station.

(O’ and as for the India-Pakistan game at Edgbaston – here’s the scorecard)

Shruti Chopra

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