Your Period Pain Could be Endometriosis

Your Period Pain Could be Endometriosis – yes that’s right, your pain is not normal. I’ve decided to create more awareness of this condition through this video of mine. And, if for someone reason, you can’t watch it, then do read on for excerpts of the content.

This isn’t just a video for women – it’s for the men too – men who have a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister who go through painful periods – it could very well be endometriosis, because painful periods are NOT normal! I’ll say it again, painful, crippling pain is just not normal.

Please don’t believe that it is. To everyone out there who is hampered by this, don’t let your general physician tell you otherwise – do not let them dismiss your young daughter’s pains because eventually, she could be part of 80% of women who miss work due to the pain or just miss a normal life like hanging out with friends!

What is endometriosis – I’ll try to not get too technical, so endometrium is the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus. Endometriosis is when that tissue is found outside the uterus – these look like cysts. Every monthly period, the uterus sheds the tissue, but the tissue that is outside the uterus has no where to go, it bleeds within it’s own cyst.

Now you’re probably wondering why am I talking about it – or maybe you’ve guessed it by now. I have endometriosis, it’s been 22 years! Trust me, it does not get easier.

But again, why now, why am I talking about this now – in the last 18 months, I’ve gone through severe difficulties which has left me struggling to walk pain free. From being diagnosed with poncets disease to lymes disease and now joint hypermobility syndrome with autonomic dysfunction – I’ve had a lot of time to think of my health. I’ve had to really fight these 18 months and I’ve spoken about it. But why have I not spoken or shared the trauma of 22 years of living with endometriosis… why because it’s a period – that’s something you don’t talk about.

It’s about time I did – and if some of these facts can help you realise that you or a loved one have an issue and then you move your butt to do something about it – then this video serves its’ purpose.

I recently read, men’s pains are taken more seriously because they represent it in a more factual manner, so I will too.

1/10 (diagnosed) to upto 5/10 (undiagnosed) – women have endometriosis.

It’s estimated that 176 million women in the world have endometriosis

It isn’t just a painful period, or just pelvic pain, women have painful intercourse too, infertility, more bleeding than usual, hot flushes, chronic fatigue, diarrhoea, nausea, migraine, depression, and this all just doesn’t happen during the period time, it can happen throughout the month.

It is known to spread to the bowel, diaphragm, lungs, ligaments, ovaries – in some cases, it’s been reported spreading to the brain too, but that’s rare.

33% of women were told that this pain was “in their head” (I was one of them).

It’s believed that a Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) is a cure – that’s a myth.

Another RIDICULOUS FACT, Endometriosis will be cured after pregnancy – myth – massive myth – in fact apparently 43% of women are told such rubbish.

And just another fact, in the UK, endometriosis costs the economy £8.2 billion every year.

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Now these are all statistics and facts that you can all Google away, just like I have. But the difference is, I am a part of those statistics – but that’s not where I want to be – so I can’t escape the condition, but I can do my bit to make you all more aware about it. To push you in the direction of a better diet, improved exercise regime, and if you’re a family member then you can be the much needed motivating factor, you could be the source of compassion.

So once again, a painful period isn’t normal – talk about it to your doctor, and if your doctor doesn’t listen, then change the doctor.

Now before my preaching goes on for any longer – I will sign off, but I will do my best to create more awareness videos and write ups on this condition which hopefully will be of help to someone out there… because, just one last fact, only 20% of people have heard of endometriosis – so hoping to increase that percentage for sure.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, I’m just someone who is experiencing this condition and all I wish to do is create awareness about endometriosis. I am not offering medical advice so do see your doctor if you believe you need to.

Shruti Chopra

Shruti Chopra is a Tarot Reader who not only does readings for her clients, but also predicts the outcome of cricket matches. Troubled with an invisible illness, Shruti spends most of her time at home - but now, with Footprints No Boundaries, she has decided to change that. It's through this platform that she will share her new and interesting experiences.

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